Aerial Pictures of Page AZ


Below is an aerial pictures of the local area of Page, AZ.   There are more close ups of Page using the links at the bottom.

Corkscrew Canyon

There are very few people who will tell you how to find Corkscrew Canyon.  I have never seen any signs or brochures in town showing you how to drive there.  The locals in Page keep this to themselves, I assume to promote the 4WD guided tour business.     Below is a satellite picture of Page, about the only way to clearly see where Corkscrew Canyon lies.  You won't find Corkscrew Canyon on any map.  Click the little box on the picture below to see a zoomed picture of the entrance to Corkscrew Canyon.


Closer view of Page, AZ.

Larger close up of PageHaving DSL or a cable modem is suggested for this large picture.

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