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Las Vegas to Lake Mead's Boulder Basin
the most popular drive because it's close to Las Vegas

It's approximately a 45 minute 28 mile drive to Las Vegas Boat Harbor from the strip.  See our Las Vegas to Boulder Basin Map for directions.  Hoover dam is about a 50 minute drive from Vegas, and worth the drive.  If you go to the dam stop by the Alan Bible visitor center just outside Boulder City on the way to the dam.  You can pick up free lake maps and literature.  You will also find many books for sale, and make sure you catch the FREE 30 minute movie on how the dam was built.  If you have time hike through the nearby train tunnels.

California to Boulder basin

The closest marinas on Lake Mead from California are Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead marina, both are  57 miles from Stateline (Buffalo Bills).   Callville Bay is about 63 miles from Stateline, but you go through Henderson east on 147.  About 3mi past Henderson on 147 you'll turn left toward Callville Bay on Hwy 147/167 (you'll see the sign).  Go 11 mi to the Callville Bay turnoff.

Take I-15 north 26 miles past the Nevada state to highway 146, go east on 146 to the 215 freeway, then go East on 215 to Henderson.  From there you can chose your destination, either continue east on 147 (Lake Mead Blvd) for Callville, or go south on 515 freeway toward Boulder City. See maps above for detail.

Arizona to Lake Mead

The closest drive to Lake Mead from Arizona is to either Temple Bar Marina or the Gregg Basin through Meadview (see map below).  Take I-40 to Kingman, then go north on Hwy 93 for 30 miles to the Meadview turnoff at CR25 (Pearce Ferry Dr.).  Go 38 miles northeast to Meadview.  The lake is about 8 miles past Meadview. 

For Temple Bar, take I-40 to Kingman, then go north on Hwy 93 about 60 miles to the Temple Bar turnoff at CR143.  Turn right and go 20 miles northeast to Temple Bar Marina.

California to Callville Bay Marina

Follow the California to Lake Mead directions above to Henderson.  From Henderson go east on Hwy 147 about 5-6 miles to the 167/Northshore Drive turnoff (if you see Las Vegas Bay marina you have gone too far).   Turn left and go about 10.5 miles to the Callville Bay Marina turnoff, turn right about 4 miles to the marina.

California to Echo Bay Marina

Follow the California to Callville Bay Marina directions above.   Continue pass the Callville Bay Marina turnoff about 24 miles to the Echo Bay Marina turnoff.  Turn right and go just a few miles to the marina.

California to Overton Marina

From California it's about an hour farther to the Overton Marina compared to Boulder Basin, but worth it.  It's a much quieter environment, less crowded.  Go to Las Vegas and follow the directions below.

Las Vegas to Overton Marina

It's about a 66 mile drive from the Las Vegas Strip to Overton Marina from Las Vegas (see map below).   Overton is the place to go for good skiing water and less people.   From Las Vegas go north on I-15 for 38 miles to Hwy 169 where the Indian Fireworks store is.  Go east on 169 about 25 miles through Valley of Fire.  Beware, it costs $5 to go through Valley of Fire, each way!   After passing through Valley of Fire go the end  where the road T's into Hwy 167, Northshore Dr.   Turn right and go 1 mile till you see the sign to turn left for Overton Marina.

Las Vegas to Meadview

It's about 100 miles from the Las Vegas strip to Meadview, go southeast via 515, then 93 through Boulder City to Hoover Dam.  Continue across the dam South on Hwy 93 to CR25 (Pearce Ferry Dr.).  Turn left and go 38 miles through Dolan Springs and continue to Meadview.  Watch your speed on CR25, it's posted unusually slow speeds (25-50mph).  See map below.

Las Vegas to Temple Bar Marina

It's about 80 miles from Las Vegas strip to Temple Bar Marina.   Go southeast via 515, then 93 through Boulder city and on the Hoover Dam.   Continue across the dam South on Hwy 93 to CR143.  Turn left and go about 20 miles to Temple Bar Marina.

Utah to Lake Mead, Overton Marina

The closest drive to Lake Mead from Utah is the Overton Arm.   Go south on I-15 to Glendale.  Get off I-15  at exit 93 and follow the signs to Logandale/Overton.   Keep going south through Logandale, then through Overton to the lake.  Overton Marina turn-off  is about 13 miles south of the town of Overton, but CLOSED due to low water levels. The Place for Maps Online