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Colorado River locations for mineral hot springs

North of Willow Beach Harbor about 7 to 8mi north on the Colorado River there are several hot springs to explore by river, and one you can access by land, hiking.   You cannot access this part of the river on Sunday or Monday with motorboats or PWC during the Summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  So plan on visiting on Tues through Saturday.   After Labor Day you cannot access it at all with boats.   So plan accordingly if you want to explore this area from June to August, Tues through Sat only.  Note, all boats with more than 65HP are always forbidden.


Care should be taken when visiting and playing in the hot springs water due to potential risk from a certain kind of amoeba that can grow in hot springs, causing illness if it enters your nose.  You will see warning signs posted at the springs regarding this.  Although this is a health threat, people rarely contract illnesses from visiting.  Just be careful.

Motorized Vessel Use - Willow Beach to Hoover Dam

To allow for a wide variety of recreational opportunities the following rules are in effect.  Breaking the rules will result in a $75 ticket from the National Park Service.  They give no warnings!

Year-round (Sunday and Monday)
The canyon from Willow Beach to Hoover Dam (Black Canyon) will be managed as a primitive zone where people can experience a variety of motor-less recreational opportunities in a natural setting. PWCs and vessels with motors are prohibited on Sundays and Mondays year round.

Fall, Winter, Spring, between Labor Day and Memorial Day (Tuesday - Saturday)
The canyon from Willow Beach to Hoover Dam (Black Canyon) will be managed as a semi-primitive zone. PWCs remain prohibited every day. Boating is restricted to vessels with 65-horsepower engines or less Tuesday - Saturday.

Summertime, between the Saturday of Memorial Day to Labor Day Monday.
The canyon from Willow Beach to Hoover Dam (Black Canyon) will be managed as a rural-natural zone. During the busy boating season there are no horsepower restrictions and PWCs are allowed Tuesday - Saturday.  Most people target their hot springs trip for Saturdays in PWC.

Houseboating, water-skiing, and wakeboarding remain prohibited north of Willow Beach Marina for safety reasons, because of the narrow canyon environment.

For more information, email the Lake Mead National Park Service at:

The largest hot spring happens to be the closest one to Willow Beach Harbor, about 7 m or 8mi up river from Willow BeachArizona Hot Springs is located in a canyon just south of mile marker 60 on the east side of the river.  You'll see mile markers as you go up river.  This canyon is at Ringbolt rapids, the only rapids in the area.  Some folks call this White Rock Cyn because the rock in the middle of the river is white from bird poop (see picture below).  It can also be identified by a porta-potty (well hidden) up on a hill, only visible after you arrive on shore or pass the canyon.  This canyon entrance is about 3mi south of the dam. 

Arizona Hot Springs can also be accessed by land, a 3mi hike from Hwy 93.  CLICK HERE for information.


Canyon location for Arizona Hot Springs


As you continue north on the river there are 3 more springs.  One is on the east side, just past a single palm tree located at the river edge.   But this particular hot spring is a waterfall that dumps directly into the cold 53 degree river water.  Although interesting to touch the waterfall to feel the temperature of the water coming down the rock mountain, you can't soak in the water like the others.   (We don't have a picture of that one).

As you  get closer to Hoover Dam there are two hot springs on the west side of the river that have no apparent landmark to locate them with, you just have to know where they are, or in the summer look for all the people, or know the GPS location.   If you have a GPS receiver the locations of these two are on our MOHAVE MAP page with LAT/LON coordinates for easy location, or use this CANYON MAP showing locations in relation to river mile markers.  We recommend checking out Google Earth to get oriented if you don't have a GSP receiver to take along.


Here are some hints to locate without a GPS receiver.  As you get close to Hoover Dam you will come to a sign on a cable stretching across the river that says you cannot travel beyond the sign, security area.  From this point you cannot see Hoover Dam, only a big overflow pipe on the west side of the river that comes from the dam spillway.  But near this overhead cable on the west side of the river is a canyon with hot springs flowing into the river.  This is Nevada Hot Springs, sometimes called Gold Strike Springs (because it's in Gold Strike Canyon).  The 2 pictures above are from that area as you hike up the canyon.   As you hike up the canyon you will find that some pools are hotter than others.

About a mile south of the spring above there is another hot spring on the west side (pictures below) of the river. This one is called Boy Scout Hot Springs.   Be careful, if you're in a boat the current is swift and it can be tricky maneuvering to shore here.  It's time consuming to tie up to a rock as you see in the picture below, but it's the only way to safely secure a boat here.   Personal watercraft are easier to bring into shore, but care should be taken.

Canyon location: 

West side of river
N35  59.088'


CAUTION:  In just 15min you can see the water level drop at these locations 5 to 10ft in depth.  Below is an example of how you could spend a day or two, waiting for the dam to open up again to raise the water level.  Ozzie here was lucky, he had packed enough food and drink in the boat to last him a couple days, but that doesn't make up for all the time he lost sitting around for the water to rise up to normal levels.


If you are interested in canoeing down the Colorado River from Hoover Dam this is a great adventure.   You must launch at Hoover Dam to visit the hot springs on this page, as it is the only launch point upriver from the springs.  WARNING, careful preparation for a trip like this is mandatory for a safe trip.   See our Lake Mohave map for possible retrieval points, like Willow Beach, or Nelson's Landing.  To learn how to obtain launch permits for the Hoover Dam launch site from the Bureau of Reclamation, CLICK HERE.


Hike down a spectacular volcanic canyon to the Colorado River below Hoover Dam and relax in a hot spring in a nearby side canyon.

From Hoover dam, go 4.0 miles SE toward Kingman AZ on Hwy 93 to a paved parking area which is located on the East side of the road.  The left turn to the parking lot is just before mile marker 4.0.   This is the trail head of White Rock Canyon. 

If you are coming from Kingman, Arizona, the trailhead parking spot is at mile marker 4.0 on the East side of Hwy 93.

GPS LAT/LON for parking is:

  35 58' 39.00" N
41' 51.00" W

CLICK HERE for a detailed map of Black Canyon.  CLICK HERE for an aerial picture of the hike and trail head parking lot.

Follow the wash downhill to the Colorado river, about a 3mi hike. After you reach the river, follow the river downstream 1/4mi south over the hill where you will find the access canyon to the hot springs. You will need to hike East about 1/8 mi.  Stay left at the canyon fork toward the beginning.  Warning: A 20' ladder must be climbed to reach the hot springs pool shown to the right. You will likely run into others that are hiking to Arizona Hot Springs from the water by boat.  Ask them for directions to confirm where to go.

Warning - Naegleria fowleria, an amoeba common to thermal pools may be present and could enter through the nose causing a rare infection and death. Do not dive into pools, splash water, or submerge your head.




You will have to climb up a 20' ladder
to reach the best hot spring.  We don't
recommend doing this hike in hot weather.

Click pictures below