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Don't Get Caught Speeding

A  ticket can ruin a trip to Lake Mead.  In an effort to reduce the chance of that, the following information was contributed by local residents and tourists of Lake Mead.  If you have information to contribute to this, just email it to us and we'll post it.

Boulder City has secretly expanded it's city limits to about 35 miles south down hwy 95 in order to trap tourists for speeding, hence increasing their local revenue.  Tourists are easy targets because they know they are unlikely to return and appear before the judge to protest the citation.  Look out for a female officer by the name of Sloat, she targets tourists.  She hides behind other cars so she can't be seen and she uses the new instant on/off  gun that foils the effectiveness of radar detectors.  Look out for traps from the intersection of hwy 93 & 95 in Boulder to about 35 miles south on Hwy 95 to Searchlight.

Mar 09 report: Leaving the dam bypass bridge construction zone on 93 heading West into Boulder City you must go slow.  Don't be fooled into thinking you are out of the construction zone. The zone actually extended past any signs of construction activity as your coming into town. By the time you see police it's too late. I saw two other cars stopped in the time I was being sited. I thought I was in the 45 mile per hour speed limit section. Clocked at 47 miles per hour the fine is $596. Fines are double in construction zones. This can ruin a perfectly nice day.

On Nevada Highway 93 between Henderson and Boulder City there is often a speed trap where the road turns near the Railroad Pass Casino.  This occurs most often during major holidays when tourism is high, especially during the Labor Day Weekend and July 4th.   GET THIS .... They have also used a "dummy" police car (authentic Boulder City PD vehicle) with a mannequin in uniform behind the driver's seat.  This has created a little fun for the locals.... word is it got stolen Jan '99 by some cleaver thief.   It was usually parked in the center median closer to Boulder City on Hwy 93.    Although the mannequin has since been replaced, it was "beheaded" Aug '99.   In this incident the head was not stolen, but put on the hood of the police car.  The local Boulder newspaper had fun with that one.

Another popular stretch with radar is just west of the Alan Bible Visitor center on Hwy 93 going down hill toward Boulder City.  Reported to be a $215 fine for 10mph over.

Beware of heavy air patrols and radar cars at Jean.  We hear they're looking for 90+mph violators.

Lookout for radar at Hwy 146 (Lake Mead Dr.) and I-15

Patrols can be often found 20 miles North to 20 miles South of Glendale

There is often a speed trap along the northbound I-15 in North Las Vegas.  The cops either hide under an overpass, or travel on the southbound side and tag oncoming northbound speeders. 

Westcliff and Buffalo - You can find a motorcycle cop with instant on radar off on the side streets in this area.  He's often there mornings and evenings.

The Metro PD has a group of motorcycle "Care Bears".  Each day of the week, they will target  different intersections during rush hour.  The convenient thing however is that the Metro PD faxes a press release to the local radio stations on Friday afternoon letting them know where the "Care Bears" will be patrolling the following week.  This allows them to target out of towners and let locals prevent getting trapped.  106.5 KRLV usually broadcasts this info.   Most radio stations can provide you with the "Care Bears" locations for any day of the week if you call them.


Eastern Ave between Desert Inn and Flamingo Roads - "Care Bear" motorcycle cops sit in driveways, typically about half way between Desert Inn and Flamingo Rd. on both sides of Eastern Ave with radar.  This is a 6 lane road with a 35MPH speed limit.  Beware, south of Flamingo is 45 MPH and many drivers don't notice the change as they drive north past Flamingo.

Alta Rd. between Decature & Torry Pines.  Every day from about 2pm to 2am, a motorcycle cop that lives in that area hands out tickets all day long.