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Grand Canyon GPS points of interest

Below are 4 maps of the Grand Canyon with LAT/LON coordinates to help you find some of the interesting sites when you go up the Colorado River from  Lake Mead.    These maps cover only the 38 miles of river you are allowed to travel on upriver, ending at Separation Canyon and marked by buoy.   If you haven't bought a GPS receiver yet, it may be time to consider it.  It's much easier to find your way around with one.  I like the Garmin GPS12, $150.


GC1.gif (7819 bytes)

To find the bat cave (map below) you will see a steel tower on the NE mountain side about 100ft from the river.  It's easily spotted on the left side as you're going up-river.   When you arrive, check out the other tower about 2 miles away on the SW side, way up on the top of the hill.   These towers were built in the 60's to mine bat guano (it makes good fertilizer) and haul it up a cable to the top of the hill.  From there the guano was hauled away in trucks to sell.  The mining operation went out of business due to transportation costs.  So, what happened to the cable?..... in the 70's a plane out of Nellis AFB decided to cruise the Grand Canyon one day.  He clipped the cable with his vertical stabilizer sending the cable to the canyon floor.  Fortunately the plane limped back to base OK.

GC2.gif (5038 bytes)


GC3.gif (6089 bytes)


GC4.gif (6570 bytes)


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