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Whackos with ludicrous ideas

If you haven't heard..... there are people out there, US citizens in United States who are trying to convince the public to drain Lake Powell.   Can you imagine?  They call themselves "environmentalists".  They want to return Glen Canyon to it's original beauty by draining the water.  Don't laugh, these people think they are being noble.  With 1900+ miles of shoreline that would leave quite a bathtub ring on all that sandstone!  And for what.... to make it virtually impossible to see again?  To kill of all the bird sanctuaries that have migrated there? To ruin all the recreational areas that millions love? 

We're luckly for the foresight the US bureau of reclamations had back in the 50's and 60's when the Glen Canyon Dam was originally planned and built.  They saw a weak infrastructure for watershed in the southwest which was booming with growth.   They had the foresight to realize watershed would be stressed  20 or 30 years in the future as the Southwest population would grow.  They knew catastrophe was on it's way if something wasn't done about it.  And that catastrophe would have been 2004 if Lake Powell wasn't there.  Consider Lake Powell became half empty July 2004 as well as Lake Mead.  These two lakes were brim full in 1983.  Had Lake Powell not been there all the water in Lake Mead would have been used up in 2004.  The entire southwest would have been on strict water rationing.  Life as we know it today would not be the same if Lake Powell wasn't there.  Thank God someone saw it coming.

Luckily in the 60's we didn't live in the world we have today, our so-called modern 21st century.  Back in the late 50's and early 60's our government could build water reclamation infrastructure without thousands of pages for an environmental impact study justification, taking 10 to 15yrs jumping through all the hoops before one shovel of dirt is moved.  God help us in 2050 as the population continues to grow and the environmental whackos prevent further watershed to be build in the name of "conserving the environment" or saving an endangered rat species.  Our society will be it's own demise if these whackos have their way and impede progress to provide basic human and animal needs.......like water.   We have the endangered species act (1973) to thank for these overboard regulations, red tape and waste of time. 

If there was no water to navigate up Glen Canyon it would be next to next to impossible for humans to see it, as it was before the lake was formed.  Before Lake Powell was formed access to see this beautiful county was by foot or horseback.  Only a small fraction of the population was capable of seeing the beauty of the canyon. 

Let's say the water was drained (far fetched, I know),  who would want to see that big bathtub ring?  Have you ever seen a lake after draining..... very ugly.  If Lake Powell was drained nobody would visit Glen Canyon anymore to enjoy all the wonder of 7 trillion gallons of watershed for recreation, just like before the lake was filled prior to 1963.  Draining would eliminate the present easy access by boat to see this beautiful land that God gave us to enjoy.

Many people consider these particular "environmentalists" to be the whackos of true environmentally conscious people.  Even though they have been told by the government "it will never happen" they continue rallying for their lost cause, spending our government's time and money on a goal that is absolutely ludicrous and counter-productive for the country.   It's too bad these extremist whackos are giving such a bad name to sane environmentalists.  These extremist whacko environmentalists are the black sheep of the main stream person that cares for the environment.  They are similar to fundamental militant Muslims giving a bad name to good Muslims...... or the KKK giving a bad name to good Christians.  Yep, it's a small group of trouble makers, they know who they are and they're up to no good.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the ideals of our founding fathers with the idea that "majority rules".   It seems like such a waste when these small special interest groups spend all that time and money on whacky ideas, trying to make a name for themselves in the history books, all the time preaching that it's "for the good of generations to come" as if they don't have an ulterior motive.  Do these whackos really think the general public is that stupid, expecting their hidden agenda isn't visible?  They are wasting their time, the public is not that dumb.

Just think how much our country would benefit if these PRO-DRAIN whackos took all that time, money, and energy and put it toward good cause that would really benefit the country's future,  like more school funding, more state & national park funding, cleanup rallies for hi-ways and freeways, anti-drug campaigns, etc.   It's clear that noble project ideas like these would ever gain anyone great notoriety.  That's why the whackos chose Lake Powell, it's the jewel of the country, the most beautiful lake in the world.   If any person succeeded to convince the country to drain Lake Powell they would be world famous and go down in history.  Is that what they're trying to do, be famous?  You can bet on it!  There's no other logical reason that could explain their desire to destroy such a beautiful and productive lake.

Learn more at:   www.lakepowell.org